Iain Mugshot


Rather than plan early retirement he’s hauled on his brewing wellies on one more time and cranked the creaking old body back into action. Unfinished business I guess. After 5 years running The Flowerpots Brewery there are still lots of beery ideas rattling round inside the otherwise empty noggin. Techniques still to try, ingredients not yet used, and lots of recipe ideas to be set free. Hopefully this won’t all turn out to be the result of premature senility. Talking of which, there is a hidden and subversive agenda – to get everyone in the UK drinking smoked beers like those holy grail brews from Spezial and Schlenkerla.


Tea                           Strong & black

Favourite saying      Don’t let your brain write cheques that your mouth can’t cash (Bo Diddley)

Regional accent       Och aye the noo Jimmy