Open Day Beer #1 - Minor Swing

The first of our posts about beers coming up on the open day on June the 2nd.

OPEN DAY BEERS! Over the next four weeks we’ll be posting a few of the 18+ beers you can enjoy at Red Cat’s open day beer festival on the 2nd of June.

Minor Swing is a session strength 3.9% Belgian IPA. The idea with this beer was to take the speciality Wit yeast we use in Tellicherry and give it a completely different incarnation. This beer is light, cloudy and pale, using over 40% wheat in the grist. The delicate, spicy Wit flavour is complimented by dry hopping with Rakau, a New Zealand hop variety that lends a dry and piney, almost white wine like finish.

This is a perfect summer drinker and will be pouring on cask at our open day on the 2nd of June. See you there!

You can see more about the event on Facebook here:

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