Open Day Beer #2 - Water Lane

Water Lane is on keg at our open day on the 2nd of June.

The next beer to announce for our open day on the 2nd of June is Water Lane. This was the second leg of collabs with our chums at Electric Bear Brewing Co. Lager needs a lot of time chilling in the fermenter to really nail the refreshing and dry character of the beer and we’ve never really had enough capacity to do it, what with having just three fermenters in our brewery. Electric Bear stepped in with their much bigger and impressively kitted out setup and Jack came up with the idea of an India Pale Lager for cans and kegs.

This beer uses classic lager malts and was hopped in the boil with generous helpings of Citra and Perle for a citrussy sherbert flavour. This was backed up with a speciality lager yeast variety and a dry hop of the deliciously fruity German hop Hallertau Blanc to end up with a properly flavoursome and clean, deeply refreshing lager.

This beer sold out in keg very quickly, and we’ve got our very last keg on ice, waiting to serve to you all at the open day on the 2nd of June. Cans will also be available to take away, so make sure you don’t miss out before it’s gone for good!

You can see more about the event on Facebook here:

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