Open Day Beer #3 - Murmuration

Murmuration will be on cask at the open day on the 2nd of June

The next of the 20 beers we’ll have on at the open day on June the 2nd will be Murmuration on cask. This beer came up as an idea that Iain’s been working on for a 'deconstructed' brewing process for dark beers. We wanted to create a strong stout with the most intense roasty flavours possible, while keeping the body and aftertaste smooth, mellow and sweet. We found that with a lot of stronger stouts, there would be a cloying, dry, almost acidic flavour to the beer which we wanted to avoid. The upshot of this process is remarkably intense flavours of chocolate, caramel and biscuit, all with a smooth and creamy character which makes Murmuration seriously drinkable. We’ve had loads of people asking if it’s just a milk stout, but there is no lactose used at all, just malt, water, hops and yeast.

The beer was named after our seasonal visitors to Winnall, which hosts a huge starling murmuration in winter. As we were brewing the beer and watching the birds diving up and down around the brewery, we decided it would make the perfect name for a dark, wintry beer.

We’ll have a cask of Murmuration at the open day on June the 2nd, as well as cases of bottles to take away.

You can see the details on Facebook here:

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