Open Day Beer #4 - Grapefruit Crush

All you've ever wanted to know about Grapefruit Crush, plus some new bits!

Grapefruit Crush was brewed at the end of March this year and was one of our fastest ever beers to sell out. The good news is that we wisely kept a couple of kegs back for you all to enjoy at the Red Cat open day on the 2nd of June.

This beer came about as a result of two conversations about brewing a new Grapefruit flavoured beer, as well as the idea of using lactose to bump up the body in a pale ale. In the end we thought ‘why not both?’ and decided on a Grapefruit Milkshake IPA.

As we often do here at Red Cat, we worked out our recipe by tinkering around with a previous beer we’ve brewed. We added different quantities of lactose to a few bottles of Kairos (our lemon zest pale) to see how it would interact with the citrus flavours and to get just the right sort of smooth body we were after, which was made even softer with wheat and oats in the grist. Then we got in touch with the good folks at Zumo Zest to supply unwaxed grapefruit zest, pairing it up with a punchy Citra dry hop to maximise the citrus flavours and give the beer a properly fruity aroma.

The end result is a slightly tart and bitter IPA, which is buoyed back up by the sweetness and creamy body that the lactose imparts. We feel this beer is best expressed in keg, where the extra carbonation really elevates the grapefruit aroma, so that’s what we’ll have on next Saturday.

We’re also going to have a completely brand new beer launching on the 2nd (more info coming soon) as well a special one off pin of ‘How to Saison your Jim’, but you’ll have to find out about that one on the day. See you there!

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