Open Day Beer #5 - Peach Mosaic & Lynx Backflip

Two brand new beers available at the open day on Saturday.

It’s not long to go now until the Red Cat Brewing open day this Saturday the 2nd of June, and we’ve got two brand new beers launching this week, both of which will be available on draught.

The first is Peach Mosaic, which is spun off from the highly popular Mosaic Pale that we brewed earlier in the year. We’ve always admired the floral, fruity flavours that fresh Mosaic brings to a beer, so we wanted to find a way to take this and up the ante somewhat. We decided on using a mid-fermentation addition of peach puree to augment the stone fruit flavours give the beer a super juicy mouthfeel. 120kg of peach puree was chucked in the fermenter and allowed to mingle with a substantial dry hop of Mosaic pellets. The end result is a beer that’s super juicy on the nose, has a robust mouthfeel and a beautiful golden colour. We’ll have Peach Mosaic pouring on keg this weekend.

The second new beer this week is Lynx Backflip, the result of a long-time project of ours to use catnip to flavour a beer. We sourced catnip pellets from Canada, which have a similar consistency to the T90 pellets we use for dry hopping. We found that adding these in increments to our session pale, Prowler, gave us a lightly flavoured beer with a particularly refreshing peppery, minty characteristic. We loaded up Frank, our little 4-barrel conditioning tank, with fermenting Prowler wort and chucked in a bag load of catnip. After the initially explosive reaction that resulted in Jim going home with some seriously wet and beery clothes, the catnip flavours mellowed right down into the mix with the other dry hops.

The resulting flavour is almost grassy, while remaining light and working beautifully with the distinctly pale and aromatic hops and malt used in Prowler. The beer is named following a suggestion from one of our pub customers, who suggested naming a beer after the Westland Lynx helicopter squadron stationed at Middle Wallop in Hampshire, whose call sign was ‘Redcat’. This is also the reason for having an upside down helicopter on the pump clip...

This beer sold out before it even launched to the trade, so come and grab it before it's gone forever! Lynx Backflip will be pouring on cask this Saturday at the brewery.

You can see all the details of the event on Facebook here:

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